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Searching For You by HotrodsImpulse
Searching For You
Commission for a friend from fa~

Art~ Mine
Want some good horse commissions? Contact me :D <3
Near the Graves... by HotrodsImpulse
Near the Graves...
Hannah got a late call one very cool october night. The caller sounded like a older woman with a high pitched crackly voice.Describing to Hannah that she saw a devil or some kind of beast in the local graveyard. Hannah wasnt too sure about this,but she changed her mind when the woman said it even resembled a horse.After thanking the woman,she went and woke Derick,her foreman,and away they drove off with the trailer into the dark night. Upon comming up to the graveyard,Hannah saw no sight of whatever the woman told her about. Derick grabbed her hand,knowing she wasnt too fond of spooks and buggers,giving her a gentle smile and letting her know he would look after her.

After about an hour of looking for the creature,they decided to call it quits.The woman apparently had seen things or if there was something,it was no longer here.When they reached the middle of the graveyard,Hannah felt a weird,tugging sensation come over her.Giving her the urge to turn around and look one last time.She stopped,then looked over her shoulder,gasping at the beautiful creature she saw.

A Equ stallion was standing there,peeking out behind a tombstone.Looking at them with teal blue eyes. He was beautiful! How did he get here? Did he belong to anyone?..... Hannah walked towards to the stallion as derick watched from afar. As she neared,the stallion reared and let out a violent ear splitting scream.A scream that would give you goose bumps.Hannah didnt miss the warning as she saw him bare his teeth at her. Standing a bit closer to a tombstone for a cover in case he charged her,she gave the stallion a glare.Also adjusting her body stance.Showing him she wasnt all that afraid of him,but she wasnt gonna run from either. But that didnt stop him...

Slowly he inched closer,rearing up each time,walking on his back legs till he was right up on her.Then finally he came down on her,his muscular forlegs went over her shoulders,connecting with the tombstone,planting himself over her in a dominant way. In all this hannah had shut her eyes,but she hadnt moved. Slowly she opened her eyes to see his chest,craning her neck back to see him looking down at her.She pushed against him to move,but to her surprise she heard this beast say with recognition in his eyes''I have missed you my Hannah...''

Hannah froze and stared at him and stuttered''W-what?''

Again the deep voice spoke '' A long time ago,way before you can remember as a young child. You tamed me.But to your parents dismay they got rid of me.They claimed I was too beastly,too devilish and too wicked for a pure innocent mind such as yourself. Malcom is older than Iam,but he knows of me.I belong to Malcoms herd,or use too.But now that you have found me,I belong to you once again.Your old friend is back at last...''

Again Hannah stood there..not knowing what to do or say. The first equ she had,or remembered having was Malcom,but apparently that was not so.

After a minute or so,the stallion backed off her and stood there obediently.She led him to the trailer,loaded him up with no problems,then walked to the truck and sat in the drivers seat. She had forgotten derick,but he was still there with her.

''Hannah?...'' Derick spoke softly with a hint of worry.

She looked at him and spoke'' Derick..this means my childhood is a lie...half my life is a lie.Those dreams of being abused are real. Those dreams of seeing my parents take horses from me and have them killed or sold are real. How in the world did they change my memories? Did I forget things due to grief?...''She stopped and looked out the window.

Derick broke the silence again''Maybe that old woman...has something to do with all this...''

Hannah wondered that too,but right now,she needed to go home and get this stallion taken care of,then try to sleep.

''Derick? Will you share the couch with me? I think I need someone to hold me tonight..'' Derick smiled and nodded''Sure Hannah,anything for my boss lady'' He winked at her,causing her to chuckle. But before he looked away,she saw the happiness in his eyes. Derick loved her,but he was too shy to admit it...

A slow blush crept into her face,but she pushed it away as she slowly drove them all home...wondering what to do now...with her past...

Then a name shot into her mind...Beastly...
Memories of her childhood flooded back into her mind,images of her as a young girl with her first horse beastly..her beast..was home

(weeeeeeeelll its been ages since I did a story with a art piece Iam happy with.Tell me what do you guys think) :)
Come with me by HotrodsImpulse
Come with me
A breeding between Roy X Casper
I think thats his nickname XD

Roy belongs to RogueEqu

Art~ Mine


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Wuv Joooooooooo ~ :iconani-sempai: Wuv you alot an alot!

mai darlin ~ :iconowlvis: XD jk but hey I love this person.

My Little Equ Chars :D Work done by me and :iconrogueequ:

My Little HotRod by RogueEqu My Lil Equ for rogue by HotrodsImpulse My Little Rene by RogueEqu

Equ animations(click to see them an who made them!)
Streak shake by Ani-Sempai Nyah Animated by Ani-Sempai Brushes Are Soft by Ani-Sempai

I'am me and you are you...what was the question again?
Things I hate:
People judging me before they know every detail of a situation when I may be depressed. You have no right to assume before you know. I dont try to involve people in my problems and its my right if I want people to know or not.Also its your problem if you get nosy and ask why.

Dont message me and say that my image was copied or stolen. I normally put on my art that I have used a ref. Do I really need to put a link? Oh and I will be making sure to ask for permission for using refs.And yes...if I need to put the ref link I will. But another thing,Im not trying to steal anyones work. Iam creative,why do I need to steal or copy? At least I dont copy another persons horse or creation and say ''Oh that was mine!" You want maturity from me,be mature back.
Another thing that ticks me off:
People who think thier art or talent is better than others. Hey we all had to start at a beginners level didnt we? No one was born with perfect artistic skills. So I dont tolerate any art bullies either.

Mai besties being feautured :3
:iconroguedraken: :iconmirimina: :iconowlvis: :iconunreal-forever: :iconani-sempai: :icondirtbag007: :iconimke14: :iconfargonon: :iconvasinator: :iconscarletnova::iconmisha-needs-love: :iconaliuh: :iconpookyhorse: :iconvlorrie: :iconeyan: :iconlilafly:

Art pieces I love ~ Click on each one to see who made them~

IronMan by Unreal-Forever Hello, Love! by RogueEqu Wolverine WIP-1 by Unreal-Forever Igor the unicorn by Yuliandress Wolverine by Unreal-Forever ~ Made for me :heart:

Equaarus Pictures I love
what I do at nights by HotrodsImpulse More Equ Heads by HotrodsImpulse The Four Brothers by RogueEqu I Lost my Blanket! by RogueEqu
Nervous Smile by RogueEqu Foal (Caesar and June's Fever 2) by RogueEqu
Below are some artists I appreciate and enjoy when a new art piece appears in my watch.
I might not know some very well,or be close to them ..anymore..but doesnt mean I cannot like or love their art.
Love you guys,and hope to see more art comming and comming and comming...and OH..XD


8828 GS She's Not You: Halter by Owlvis8828 GS She's Not You: Potions by OwlvisBP: Sunghyun x Liliana by Owlvis64 Totentanz Luna - liberty by OwlvisDanse and Dael by Owlvis

Art Trade: Joker by Ani-SempaiRinnea doll by Ani-SempaiFairy Night by Ani-SempaiHandsome little Guy by Ani-SempaiKindleFire by Ani-Sempai

I'd Know You Anywhere, My Love by FargononPARTY HARD by FargononAkaash by FargononIHS Nordanner Lineup by FargononWe Are The War by Fargonon

Smaug - El Heraldo de La Miseria y La Aniquilacion by Unreal-ForeverSuper Iron BatMan by Unreal-ForeverGamer of the Digital World + SpeedPaint by Unreal-ForeverThe Incredible Hulk by Unreal-ForeverThor by Unreal-Forever

The Only Thing by RogueDrakenI am Not She by RogueDrakenAlive by RogueDrakenHail to the King by RogueDrakenfisk + rora by RogueDraken

The Devil edit by EyanYCH couple for Sokolovo by EyanCom: Puck by EyanCom: Roadkill by EyanCommission: Vampire by Eyan

House of Gold by Jay-RuthFeels Like Rain by Jay-RuthA Horse and His Girl by Jay-RuthPersonal Space by Jay-RuthReady to Go by Jay-Ruth


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