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Amazing art!


BTW love your profile
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where did ur commissions go?
Sun Jul 7, 2013, 1:32 PM
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Hai dar!
Tue Apr 2, 2013, 3:42 PM
hai hai hai!!!
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Elf Work-WoW by HotrodsImpulse
Elf Work-WoW
Something I did for myself today.

Pose credit reff goes to SenshiStock - They have lovely poses I use alot of and I will continue to do so.

If any of you play this game,then you know where her looks and outfit are based from.

I must say,this was alot of work,but I picked up a few new things to use on my commissions <3

Yhh3- CLOSED by HotrodsImpulse
Your Horse Here with lower price. Will not offer a lower price.
Buyer must choose mane and tail style.Must send/link me reffs to the desired horse they want here
Light horses only.Any breed,species of equine,and unicorns are welcome!
Mare or stallions.
Payment options-Paypal
Price $25 (dropped from $50,this is a steal.I also have this posted somewhere else trying to sell it.)

Art- Mine

No buyers so,oh well.
Bejeweled by HotrodsImpulse
Breed Cave Equaarus
Name Bejeweled-Jewel
Age 14 years
Mane white
Tail white/pink bloom
Color striped mealy bay tovero
Eye Color bright blue

Frostwyrm Breath


Without a call or a warning, a man drove down Hannah's driveway in a rusty pickup truck, pulling a clean and like-new horse trailer. The ranch hands stood idly by as they watched the cloaked man remove himself from his truck and limp his way to the trailer hitch and from his pocket he clipped a slip of paper to one of the windows of the trailer. Without a word he turned his truck and drove away, leaving the trailer propped in the middle of the driveway.
The note read:

Dear Miss Hannah,

I have been watching you carefully now for some time and I must say I am astounded with both you and your impressive stock of Equaarus. There are few on this Island I can consider an exceptional breeder and I have marked you as one of the top five best. In this honor I have taken the liberty to give you and the other four lucky people gifts from my own herd that have exquisite lineage and I promise you will not be disappointed by the results that this mare will give you-- with the right stallion, of course! Name her as you wish. She and the four other horses were specifically bred for this moment and were only given number ID's. This mare would be known as #3 until you give her a proper name. The different numbers given to the other breeders have little to no importance, I assure you. All five horses were carefully bred to be equal in everything. Lots of money, time, and patience made sure of it. In a fortnight starting today, I will be hosting a party in your honor, along with the other four lucky islanders. I would be most pleased to have you and #3 join us.

Sincerely yours,

~Alden R. Helling/ Cosmos County Mayor

Design- RogueEqu
Art- HotrodsImpulse
Group- Equaarus
Orginal reff sheet here -Gift for HotrodsImpulse by RogueEqu

Opals death by HotrodsImpulse
Opals death
Opals reff sheet and other info here ~ Opals ref by HotrodsImpulse

I finally got the picture done after all these years.
Opal is the dam of Grim,and mate of Reaper.
She was killed by reaper,due to reaper being mad and crazy,and didnt want another son like Grim.So to stop her from foaling another weakling of his,he killed her and their unborn foal. Not knowing if the foal was a colt or filly. He didnt know that the foal was a filly...
Opal was a sweet natured,motherly,loving,kind mare. Her rare appaloosa markings made her sought after,but after her death,alot of things changed in the Equaarus world.Making the Appaloosa's even rarer. So the ones that are in existence now,are privately owned.To help ensure the genetic of appaloosa's still remain in the now very large,growing numbers of the Equaarus.  The glowing effect I found was a nice touch to this sad picture.
( RogueEqu let me know if I need to add or change anything,Its been so long ago we did this story lol)


Help give me ideas to design my DA page

Journal Entry: Mon May 11, 2015, 10:01 AM
I need help and tips on making my DA page to look professional. Any help is appreciated~ <3
Please please someone? :)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Wuv Joooooooooo ~ :iconani-sempai: Wuv you alot an alot!

mai darlin ~ :iconowlvis: XD jk but hey I love this person.

My Little Equ Chars :D Work done by me and :iconrogueequ:

My Little HotRod by RogueEqu My Lil Equ for rogue by HotrodsImpulse My Little Rene by RogueEqu

Equ animations(click to see them an who made them!)
Streak shake by Ani-Sempai Nyah Animated by Ani-Sempai Brushes Are Soft by Ani-Sempai

I'am me and you are you...what was the question again?
Things I hate:
People judging me before they know every detail of a situation when I may be depressed. You have no right to assume before you know. I dont try to involve people in my problems and its my right if I want people to know or not.Also its your problem if you get nosy and ask why.

Dont message me and say that my image was copied or stolen. I normally put on my art that I have used a ref. Do I really need to put a link? Oh and I will be making sure to ask for permission for using refs.And yes...if I need to put the ref link I will. But another thing,Im not trying to steal anyones work. Iam creative,why do I need to steal or copy? At least I dont copy another persons horse or creation and say ''Oh that was mine!" You want maturity from me,be mature back.
Another thing that ticks me off:
People who think thier art or talent is better than others. Hey we all had to start at a beginners level didnt we? No one was born with perfect artistic skills. So I dont tolerate any art bullies either.

Mai besties being feautured :3
:iconroguedraken: :iconmirimina: :iconowlvis: :iconunreal-forever: :iconani-sempai: :icondirtbag007: :iconimke14: :iconfargonon: :iconrorelse: :iconscarletnova::iconmisha-needs-love: :iconaliuh: :iconpookyhorse: :iconvlorrie: :iconeyan: :iconlilafly:

Art pieces I love ~ Click on each one to see who made them~

IronMan by Unreal-Forever Hello, Love! by RogueEqu Wolverine WIP-1 by Unreal-Forever Igor the unicorn by Yuliandress Wolverine by Unreal-Forever ~ Made for me :heart:

Equaarus Pictures I love
what I do at nights by HotrodsImpulse More Equ Heads by HotrodsImpulse The Four Brothers by RogueEqu I Lost my Blanket! by RogueEqu
Nervous Smile by RogueEqu Foal (Caesar and June's Fever 2) by RogueEqu

Help give me ideas to design my DA page

Journal Entry: Mon May 11, 2015, 10:01 AM
I need help and tips on making my DA page to look professional. Any help is appreciated~ <3
Please please someone? :)

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here is where you donate for the group :iconequaarus:

Pay here for store items and equ adopts and etc!

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StereophonicDream Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Thank you for the fave. c:
RogueEqu Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! Thank you :hug:

LoL, I saw your new image of her and I could have sworn I saw her before.
HotrodsImpulse Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Also on second link number 3,the person only drew her once. You may have her if you like.
HotrodsImpulse Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First link,you may use all of those.

Second link-Ive barely seen number 1 used much. Number two I think Ani got,so make sure with her.Number 5 I took back for myself (I will update all these soon,I swear)

And woo there she is Sherbet! Lol I couldnt remember her name XD
RogueEqu Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okie dokie.
'elder mare'? You mean 'Legendary'?
We don't have anything for 'elder' for the Equaarus. Legendary pretty much takes that cake, LoL.
I really need to make a sheet about everything about the Equaarus x.x Next week I'll get to work on it. I've just been so excited to finally have the energy and time to get things done since they switched my schedule to working three days out of the week. Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, so I have four straight days to get art done!

Okay let's see......
I already know #2 is mine...
But I know you said I could have... I think it was...
was it the whole batch? Or which numbers was it?
1, 2, and 5?
I know the green and black one is mine but I'm not sure about the rest.

A lot of these don't have homes or was never drawn. I love 3 and 4 from the top batch.
But this was what I was confused on.

OH! OHOHOH! Look what else I found scanning through your drawings!
I knew Dazzle looked familiar! You named her Sherbert :meow:
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